• Medical Doctors are not allowd to practise with profit focus;
  • Medical Doctors cannot go into Partnership with other Health Workers, other
    than another Medical Doctor;
  • Reference: The Code of Ethics of the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea.

  • This Code is an Attempt to assist members of the Medical Society with the more common ethical problems which may
    be expected to arise in medical practice in Papua New Guinea at the present time. Should a member be faced with an
    ethical problem needing individual consideration or be in doubt about the course to take in any professional difficulty,
    he should seek assistance through the secretary of the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea.
  • Disciplinary jurisdiction over registered medical practitioners is conferred upon the Medical Board under the Medical
    Services Ordinance covering discipline (Part(V), Division 2, Section 59-62).
  • Although the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea has no statutory power to penalised a medical practitioner guilty of professional misconduct,
    it has the responsibility of informing doctors of their duties and the ethical demands of the medical profession.

    For the purposes of regulation of the medical profession in Papua New Guinea, this society accepts the following definition of "professional misconduct":
    "If a medical man in the pursuit of his profession has done something which will be reasonably regarded as disgraceful or dishonorable by his professional
    brethren of good repute and competency, then it shall be regarded as misconduct in a professional respect."

  • 1.1 A doctor must always maintain the highest standards of professional conduct towards both the individual and society
  • 1.2 A doctor must not allow himself to be influenced merely by motives of profit.
  • 1.3 The following practices are deemed unethical:

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